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The world is our home.
Imagine the ultimate lifestyle that comes with combining the ultimate destinations and a luxury vacation home. We specialize in finding the best vacation rentals around the globe, allowing you to wake up to a new scenery outside your private veranda anytime you wish.
That is what life is like when you are staying with BE Apartment, a rental company that started in Barcelona and offers you exclusive short and long term rentals that seeks to recreate the feeling of being at home, despite being in another city. We don’t offer thousands of villas, but you can rest assured that the ones we do offer are the very best. We also don’t apply no membership fees and strongly believe that our guests simply deserve the best.
we offer a inside look of the most updated chic restaurants, shops, local delicatessen, VIP areas, trendy bars, etc., according to the latest urban trends and the coolest cities on the planet. Our dedicated concierge team will gladly help you personalize your apartment or villa rental experience. Our guests are only limited by their imaginations! If you need help finding the right apartment or villa for your family, don’t worry as our friendly, well-traveled specialists are always happy to chat.
Our urbanite taste and character makes each singular living space a place capable of harmonizing art, technology and design. The exquisite selection of details that decorate our rooms naturally integrates the latest technology with a unique modern taste.
Residents & guests enjoy extensive time in each destination, expert guides and in-depth expeditions to dense cities, ancient archeological wonders and modern-day marvels like anything you could experience elsewhere.
Our idea is to create something unique that makes the world special. Don’t miss this window of opportunity to witness our spectacular collection of luxury homes and lifestyle.
Be Apartment

BE APARTMENT, personally inspects all Apartments and Villas
We always seek excellence of our destinations
Who has seen? Who is really there? We are different from others. Our team contacts the best local destination and then pass by personally inspect each villa. We seek not the quantity but the quality of them. If you know any destination or home you like to see on our website please contact our team.

What do you need? Our concierge team will be happy to help you personalize your rental experience with villas or apartments. Need help finding the right villa for your family? No problem, our team will be happy to answer your questions, let free your mind, we do the rest.

Be Apartment

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